WorkCover Information Management System

WorkCover Information Management System

The WorkCover Information Management System (WIMS) is used to collect, manage and analyse workers compensation policy and claim data provided by licensed and self-insurers and the Tasmanian State Service. Insurers, self-insurers and the State Service submit information; WorkCover uses that information to monitor and regulate the state’s workers compensation scheme (as it is required to do under the workers compensation laws) and to produce statistical reports relating to injury trends and areas of risk


The data requirements placed on insurers and the Crown are set out in the Determination and arise from WorkCover Tasmania's obligations to monitor and regulate the workers compensation scheme in Tasmania.

Extensive consultation was undertaken with stakeholders in the formulation of the Determination and after approval by the Board at its meeting in August 2013 the Determination came into effect in September 2013.

Determination V1 as at 2 August 2013 (PDF, 9 Pages, 60kb)

National Insurers Data Specification (NIDS)

The National Insurers Data Specification (NIDS) has been produced in conjunction with WorkCover WA, WorkCover ACT and NT WorkSafe.

All four jurisdictions have now agreed on a common data set, which has been documented in NIDS 8.0.

Who should read this specification?

This specification is primarily designed for insurers and self-insurers, to enable them to provide the data which will be required by the new WorkCover Information Management System.

Version 8.0

The National Insurer Data Specifications (NIDS) Version 8.0 is an Excel spreadsheet that contains the following

  • All Data Fields - as agreed to by all four privately underwritten jurisdictions (PCCP tab)
  • All rules, validations and code sets - divided into four categories

- Policy, Coverage, Claims and Payments

  • TOOCS 3.1 valid combinations for

- Nature of Injury and Body Location and  Nature of Injury and Mechanism

Document Releases

The National Insurer Data Specification (NIDS) Version 8.0 accompanying documents:

  • NIDS 8.0 complete document
  • WIMS Insurer Data Submission Interface including XML Schema (updated on 1 September 2012)

National Insurer Data Specifications (NIDS)

 PDF NIDS 8.0 Validation Rules   (Pub No NIDS2, 09/04/2013 8.0, 306.0 KB)

NIDS 8.0 - Listing PCCP fields, rules and validations

 PDF NIDS V 8.0  (Pub No NIDS1, 09/04/2013, 8.0 239.8 KB)

The complete NIDS 8.0 documentation, including field descriptions, rules, validations and sections on ANZSIC dual coding, Wages and Workers, Premium information and GST

 PDF Insurer Data Submission Interface Agreement   (Pub No WIMS053, 30/11/2012, 7.3.4 480.0 KB)

Insurer Data Submission Interface Agreement document contains the xsd submission file

XSD File

Data Submission File Details - (Right-click + Save-As to download file). The full XML schema is embedded in the WIMS Insurer Data Submission Interface Agreement at section 4.3.

An interactive schema is also available on request.

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