Ongoing requirements

Ongoing requirements

One of the Conditions of Approval for accredited workplace rehabilitation providers is that they undertake annual self-evaluations.

The National Framework and the Workplace Rehabilitation Providers Evaluation Manual outline the process to be followed and contain the forms that must be completed and submitted to WorkCover Tasmania by workplace rehabilitation providers that operate in Tasmania and meet the Evaluation Team Criteria under the National Framework.

In August 2016, HWCA (Heads of Workers Compensation Authorities) approved an updated Workplace Rehabilitation Providers Evaluation Manual and (HWCA) Evaluation Tool.

If you operate in Tasmania only

If you work in the Tasmanian system only and do not meet the Evaluation Team Criteria in relation to qualifications, experience etc of evaluation teams, you must complete the following forms and submit to WorkCover Tasmania to ensure you meet your organisation's annual self-evaluation requirements.

If required:

If you operate in multi-jurisdictions

If you hold accreditation as a Workplace Rehabilitation Provider in another jurisdiction and consider that jurisdiction to be your 'home' jurisdiction, you need to provide WorkCover Tasmania with:

On-site evaluations initiated by WorkCover Tasmania

WorkCover may initiate on-site evaluations at any time. Providers will be contacted by WorkCover and given details of what this will involve.

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