Apply for renewal

Apply for renewal

Another requirement for on-going accreditation is the obligation to apply for renewal before the end of the accreditation term (usually three years). WorkCover will contact providers prior to the expiration of this period.

If you operate in Tasmania only 

To reapply, the following forms must be completed and submitted to WorkCover prior to the expiration of accreditation

Note: If you are having problems accessing any of the forms above, try saving it and then completing it.

If you operate in multi-jurisdictions

If you hold accreditation as a Workplace Rehabilitation Provider in another jurisdiction and consider that jurisdiction to be your 'home' jurisdiction, you don't need to complete the first form, you can instead provide WorkCover Tasmania with the following:

  • the completed 'Tasmanian Additional Requirements' Renewal Form.
  • a copy of your most recent HWCA renewal application form submitted to your 'home' jurisdiction
  • a copy of your current Instrument of Approval from your 'home' jurisdiction
  • a copy of your current workers compensation insurance policy covering your organisation's workplace rehabilitation providers operating in Tasmania.

Update staff details

Accredited providers, including those providers who reside outside Tasmania but deliver workplace rehabilitation services in Tasmania, must advise WorkCover of any changes to staffing arrangements.

Please complete the following form

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