Accredited medical practitioners

About compensation for permanent impairment

A worker who suffers permanent impairment as a result of a work-related injury is entitled to be paid lump sum compensation.

This may only be awarded where the degree of whole person impairment is at least:

  • 5% in the case of physical injury (other than an injury involving the loss of a finger or toe)
  • 10% in the case of psychiatric impairment.

In the case of industrial deafness, lump sum compensation may only be awarded where the level of binaural hearing impairment exceeds 5%.

A worker cannot seek damages at common law where the degree of permanent impairment is less than 20%.

Accredited medical practitioners

If you are a doctor who wishes to assess permanent impairment, you must be accredited by the WorkCover Tasmania Board.

Accreditation is perpetual (there is no need to renew).

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